Dental Patients Biggest Frustrations ?

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So I came across a recent survey that was interesting.

A big company in the US surveyed over 500 health care patients to find out what they look for when choosing a dentist.

Here’s what they found …­

Their biggest frustration when going to the dentist are:

  1. Billing/ insurance issues (30%)
  2. The doctors/ staff are not warm or caring enough (18%)
  3. I have a fear of going to the dentist (15.6%)
  4. The dentist doesn’t make me feel comfortable (8.6%)
  5. Poor explanation about what’s going to happen (8%)

Making your patients comfortable should be your No. 1 priority, because without patients, you wouldn’t have a practice.

Here are 3 simple ways to do that:

  • Explain Procedures to Patients

Take a skeletal teeth model and show them how your instruments will be used. Explain what the movement or procedure does to help the patient’s dental health. If patients understand how certain cleaning techniques or procedures help their teeth, they may feel less nervous about the appointment.

  • Get To Know Your Patients As Individuals

No one wants to feel like just another patient being processed through your practice like a car through a carwash. Try to learn a thing or two about each patient that has nothing to do with their teeth. Write it down to help you remember.

Something as simple as a quick office tour by your receptionist can greatly elevate the patient experience, making newcomers feel more welcome and less apprehensive.

  • Have a comprehensive dental website

Your website should answer all the questions your patients typically ask –  from a list of insurance plans accepted, online payment, education about things like procedures and the latest technology you have to offer to introduction and pictures of each and every staff member.

Place patients reviews and really play up the before and after pictures.

As we all know, the majority of the population will avoid the dentist at all costs because of the pain and discomfort involved.

Stand out from crowd by creating a unified team with internal documented processes that have one core value: patient happiness and comfort.


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